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An ambigram is a word written / drawn so that it's legible in two directions - "normally" and upside-down. An example is the logo above - rotated 180 degrees, it's exactly the same.

Ambigrams don't necessarily have to be the same word both directions. For examples of many different types of ambigrams, I would highly recommend John Langdon's page. There are many types of wordplay examples there, phrases, and .. just go there.

Other ambigram pages include:
Scott Kim's page. He and John Langdon simultaneously invented the concept (or at least brought it to relative-mainstream).
A bunch of ambigrammed words and phrases
Random names and words
More random words and explanations

Anyways, feel free to join and post any ambigrams / wordplay things you've done, links to ambigram pages, or questions about how to make ambigrams. Anything like that. This community is just starting out but maybe it'll grow someday.