trypd (trypd) wrote in ambigrams,

Ahh, fall is upon us, damp skies, dark nights, cold.... everything. The time when coffee and hot chocolate fill the scent of every house. Pumpkins carved up, stuffed with candles blazing on porches lining each street. Heaters rumbling, fireplaces torched, and backyards lit with the glow and aroma of carefully chopped wood. Most of all, children across the nation gearing up for the pentultimate in playing pretend, trick or treat night. Costumes picked out, hyped up, and chosen carefully to achieve that maximum intake of candied sweets. Yes, Halloween, that most underrated of American holidays, has crept up on us once again.

I personally love the season, and celebrate the holiday in my own special way. This year I modified a great ambigram wallpaper to fit the colors that invoke the feel of the season. The blacks of chilly abysmal nights, and the oranges of the ripest pumpkins, the brightest candles and turning leaves. What color combination is more unlikely to inspire such a mixed range of feelings in people across not only the nation, but the globe. To me these colors represent a time of peace, introspection yet a hint of playfulness. To others the colors black and orange come together in a terrifying whirl of fear, uncertainty and excitment. Enjoy.

Halloween Wallpaper
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