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Something I think a lot of us have a good response to.

Recently in an art appreciation class I'm taking we had to write a paper in response to an article on "outsider art". The article talks about how some artists believe that art created by non-professionally trained persons is "value-less" art. The paper struck a nerve with me because it got me thinking about the things I create, and their value.


Am I an artist? I create art for myself, and occasionally on commission by persons who share an interest in the kind of art I create. Yet at the same time I have no formal training in the arts, outside of a class here and there in high school. Is my art less important than that of the professionally trained artists who sell similar forms of art? I am obviously going to answer yes and no respectively to the two questions I have posed above, reflected from the questions and ideas presented in "Art Issues: Who Is An Artist?".

The terms "outsider," "folk," "naive," "primitive," and "art brut" all seem to propose the elitist thought that art and artists are only created through professional training. There is one term the book has proposed that I feel gives an accurate view of art and artists outside of professional training: "intuitive". Intuition is what brought art about, in my opinion, in the first place. The cave drawings in Chauvet Cave from the Upper Paleolithic Period were created by those who had no place to be trained to create the art, yet they are considered art, and I would argue that the persons who painted them are artists.

I think the significance of art is dependant on the art itself, not the artist's training. That is not to say that training itself does not have a place in art discussion, rather it is a part of the context of the art. It could explain more about the art as a creation and a process, and give the viewer a basis on which to evaluate the art. In today's world, however, with art in abundance, formal training is desirable but does not add or detract value from the art or the artist.
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