trypd (trypd) wrote in ambigrams,

For someone close to me

I made this design for my wife just yesterday. I had made ambigrams of her name in the past, but felt with the way things have changed for me since I last redesigned hers, I needed to try it again. The ambigram is much improved on the old one (the old one is a few posts down from here). I definitely like the M/N combination much more. This font has turned out to be one of my favorite ambigram fonts yet - ruritania. The horse I drew myself. I never used to sketch anything but letters, but recently I feel I've finally found my style. Simple, thick, straight (or slightly curved) outlines with minimal detail. The sketch was probably my favorite part of it all. Scanned in the sketch of the horse, homogonized the lines (i sketch with blue pencil), and added in the ambigram. I fully realize that flipped, the horse will be on it's head, but it's meant as an art piece more than just an ambigram. The horse is because my wife has a passion for horses, she used to show and hopes to someday show horses again.

I feel like I'm getting on a more artistic kick than designing ambgirams for tattoos. I still ove designing ambigrams for tattoos, but really, I'm enjoying, maybe a bit too much, the different shapes, colors and designs involved in creating something more with words.

Back to the design; once I finished with cleaning up my sketch, and recreating the ambigram, I rotated the ambigram to fit the head of the horse, and combined the sketch and the ambigram together. From there it was just a matter of adding in a sepia filter, and fading the edges of the image to make it look like an old photo.
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